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Adam Walsh's Death

Born (Birthday) November 14, 1974

Death Date July 27, 1981

Age of Death 6 years

Cause of Death Murder

Profession Family Member

The family member Adam Walsh died at the age of 6. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Tragically, when he was only six years old, Walsh was abducted from a Florida department store and subsequently murdered. The case made national headlines and inspired Walsh’s father, John Walsh, to produce and host the Fox network program America’s Most Wanted.

He was born in Hollywood, Florida, to Reve and John Walsh. In the week following Adam’s abduction, his father was considered a suspect, but was quickly cleared of any involvement in the crime.



“Children are my pet cause. I have a foster child in El Salvador, and whenever I’m home, I work for the Adam Walsh Foundation, which finds missing children. I also do some hospital visits and other things for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.” (Jane Badler)