Alexander Fleming Death Cause and Date

Alexander Fleming’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday) August 6, 1881

Death Date March 11, 1955

Age of Death 73 years

Cause of Death Heart Attack

Place of Death London, United Kingdom

Profession Biologist

The biologist Alexander Fleming died at the age of 73. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Scottish biologist, pharmacologist, and botanist who shared the 1945 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for helping to discover the antibiotic substance penicillin in 1928. His discovery marked the start of modes antibiotics, which changed the medical world forever.

He was married twice, first to Sarah Fleming, then to Amelia Fleming. He had one son, Robert Fleming.



“It is the lone worker who makes the first advance in a subject; the details may be worked out by a team, but the prime idea is due to enterprise, thought, and perception of an individual.” (Alexander Fleming)

Alexander Fleming Death Cause and Date

“One sometimes finds what one is not looking for.” (Alexander Fleming)

Alexander Fleming Death Cause and Date