Amilcar Cabral’s Death – Cause and Date

The philosopher Amilcar Cabral died at the age of 48. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Nationalist thinker, writer, and politician who led the nationalist movement of Guinea-Bissau.

He studied at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia in Lisbon.

He was a passionate supporter of the war for independence against the Portuguese regime, which led to his January 20, 1973, assassination.

Personal Life

He was born to Juvenal Lopes da Costa Cabral and Iva Pinhel Evora. His nom de guerre was Abel Djassi.

He was influenced by Karl Marx, although he did not claim to be a Marxist.

How did Amilcar Cabral die?

In 1972, Cabral began to form a People’s Assembly in preparation for the independence of Guinea-Bissau, but disgruntled former PAIGC rival Inocêncio Kani, together with another member of PAIGC, shot and killed him on 20 January 1973 in Conakry.