Anthony Russo’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)


Death Date

August 6, 2008

Age of Death

71 years

Cause of Death

Natural Causes

The Anthony Russo died at the age of 71. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Famous as a government whistleblower, Russo is remembered for helping fellow RAND Corporation employee Daniel Ellsberg produce an illegal copy of the Pentagon Papers for the purpose of informing the public about U.S. government lies and omissions during the Vietnam War era.

He was born and raised in Suffolk, Virginia, and he died in his hometown at the age of seventy-one.



“I think every directing team works differently in the same manner that every director works differently. Everybody has a different personality and a different way of working, and that somehow evolves in the process.” (Anthony Russo)


“Even if you have the best intentions, there may sometimes be a price or a cost or a pushback against what you’re doing.” (Anthony Russo)


“The great thing about Marvel is that there is an attitude of ‘nothing’s impossible,’ but that doesn’t mean everything is possible; you just have to chase it.” (Anthony Russo)


“People always say, ‘Oh, I’d love to work with my sibling,’ or ‘My God, I could never work with my sibling.’ It was just a natural process for us. We started collaborating on our first films and it evolved. We have a passion for film that we shared as we were growing up.” (Anthony Russo)


“What Joe and I love about the film industry, it’s like the wild West. We’re two guys who grew up a million miles away from the film business; it doesn’t matter where you come from or where you go to school. All that matters is, can you find a way to practice the craft and express yourself in a way that people respond to.” (Anthony Russo)