Arnold Schoenberg Death Cause and Date

Arnold Schoenberg's Death

Born (Birthday) September 13, 1874

Death Date July 13, 1951

Age of Death 76 years

Cause of Death Heart Attack

Profession Composer

The composer Arnold Schoenberg died at the age of 76. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Painter and composer who was a leader of the expressionist movement in German art and poetry at the beginning of the 20th century and labeled as a creator of degenerate art by the Nazi Party. He was known for developing atonality, even though he loathed the very word.

He married Mathilde Zemlinsky in 1901. He changed the spelling of his surname from Schönberg to Schoenberg after relocating to the United States in 1934.



I never was very capable of expressing my feelings or emotions in words. I don’t know whether this is the cause why I did it in music and also why I did it in painting. Or vice versa: That I had this way as an outlet. I could renounce expressing something in words.

Arnold Schoenberg Death Cause and Date

I owe very, very much to Mozart; and if one studies, for instance, the way in which I write for string quartet, then one cannot deny that I have learned this directly from Mozart. And I am proud of it!

Arnold Schoenberg Death Cause and Date