Bobby Farrell’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

Oct 6, 1949

Death Date

December 30, 2010

Age of Death

61 years

Cause of Death

Heart Failure



The dancer Bobby Farrell died at the age of 61. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Dancer and entertainer most widely remembered as a member of the 70’s disco group Boney M. He performed with the group on many of their biggest hits, including “Rivers of Babylon” and “Rasputin.”

His daughter, Zanillya Farrell, is a critically-acclaimed rapper.



“Clint Eastwood. Here’s a guy who’s been involved in so many movies, lots of them masterpieces, and now he’s a director. I just like everything I know about him. He’s very decisive, he makes up his mind real quick.” (Bobby Farrelly)


“I feel reviewers are tougher on comedies in general. They don’t take them seriously, and the ones that get great reviews are not necessarily the ones that I like.” (Bobby Farrelly)


“I just feel I’m on a different page from the reviewers, so I’ve learned not to care about them too much.” (Bobby Farrelly)


“I know people watch our movies and they’ll see a lot of images – they call it gross-out – that they don’t like, and I understand that. It’s an important movie and one that’s extremely well done, but the amount of violent imagery was not for me.” (Bobby Farrelly)


“I think that’s the key to being a director: to be able to get the shot and move on quickly.” (Bobby Farrelly)