Brad Renfro’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)


Death Date

January 15, 2008

Age of Death

25 years

Cause of Death

Heroin Overdose


Movie Actor

The movie actor Brad Renfro died at the age of 25. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Child and teen actor best known for his roles in The Client and Apt Pupil. He portrayed Huckleberry Finn in the Disney film Tom and Huck and had a supporting role in American Girl.

His cousin is the lead singer of the band 10 Years.



“I would say, stay the hell away from the party scene. Anything you put in front of your goal, and especially something like that, whether it’s too much gambling, too much food, too much cold beers on the weekend – anything that you put in front of the prize is going to end up getting in the way and hurting you in the end.” (Brad Renfro)


“If you’ve never tried drugs, don’t. And if you have, pray.” (Brad Renfro)


“I choose films for their artistic value. I don’t need a mansion or a Jaguar. When I leave this Earth, I won’t take any money with me. All I will leave behind will be my art.” (Brad Renfro)


“Mickey Rourke was the Brad Renfro of the ’80s.” (Brad Renfro)


“Is that what I’ve become, a piece of meat?” (Brad Renfro)