Buck Owens’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

Aug 12, 1929

Death Date

March 25, 2006

Age of Death

76 years

Cause of Death

Heart Attack


Country Singer

The country singer Buck Owens died at the age of 76. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

American county singer with the group the Buckaroos, known for pioneering the Bakersfield Sound. He could play the fiddle and the steel guitar.

He married his fourth wife, Jennifer Smith, in 1979.



“I got to realizing that I wanted to record, I wanted to experiment. And doing those same old songs the same old way – I said, ‘I think it’s time for me to have some fun.'” (Buck Owens)


“I was always very grateful to ’em and am grateful to ’em now. I went back a couple of years ago and did their 20th anniversary show. But the longer I stayed on Hee Haw, the worse things got for me musically.” (Buck Owens)


“I didn’t say I wasn’t gonna do rockabilly. I just said I ain’t gonna sing no song that ain’t a country song. I won’t be known as anything but a country singer.” (Buck Owens)


“And I said, ‘Why not? It’s the truth! Why can’t I say I’m a Beatles fan?’ I used to get criticized for that.” (Buck Owens)


“I’m in an absolute frenzy towards doing as many things as I can that I want to do today. The rest can wait till tomorrow, next week, if I’m around we’ll take a look.” (Buck Owens)