Cesare Pavese cause of death

Cesare Pavese’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday) September 9, 1908

Death Date August 27, 1950

Age of Death 41 years

Cause of Death Suicide

Profession Poet

The poet Cesare Pavese died at the age of 41. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Twentieth-century Italian poet, author, and translator known for La luna e i falo (The Moon and the Bonfires), Il Compagno (The Comrade), and other works. His literary works typically focus on an isolated protagonist who has only shallow relationships.

He graduated from the University of Turin, where he was mentored by Russian literary critic Leone Ginzburg.

He was arrested in 1935 for his antifascist activities; he later joined the Italian Communist Party.

Personal Life

Prior to his suicide at the age of forty-one, he spent many summers in his father’s home village of Santo Stefano Belbo, Italy.

He wrote his university thesis on the poems of Walt Whitman.

How did Cesare Pavese die?

Depression, the failure of a brief love affair with the actress Constance Dowling, to whom his last novel and one of his last poems (“Death will come and she’ll have your eyes”) were dedicated, and political disillusionment led him to his suicide by an overdose of barbiturates in 1950.