Colin Pillinger cause of death

Colin Pillinger's Death

Born (Birthday) May 9, 1943

Death Date May 7, 2014

Age of Death 70 years

Cause of Death Hemorrhagic Stroke

Profession Astrologer

The astrologer Colin Pillinger died at the age of 70. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Noted scientist and founder of the Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute at Open University. He is perhaps best known for his work on the ill-fated Beagle 2 project.

Despite claiming not to be a good science student, he earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from University College of Swansea.

His studies on asteroids were referenced in the blockbuster film Jurassic Park.

Personal Life

His father, Alfred, worked for the Gas Board.

The title of his Mars lander project, Beagle 2, was inspired by Charles Darwin’s ship, the HMS Beagle.

How did Colin Pillinger die?

Colin Pillinger, who has died aged 70 after suffering a brain haemorrhage, will be recalled as the man who tried to land Britain on Mars.