Curt Hennig’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

Mar 28, 1958

Death Date

February 10, 2003

Age of Death

44 years

Cause of Death

Cocaine Intoxication



The wrestler Curt Hennig died at the age of 44. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Professional wrestler known as “Mr. Perfect” who died of a cocaine overdose in 2003.

He had four siblings: two brothers and two sisters. He fathered four children with his wife Leonice. 



“Curt Hennig was one of best guys I ever wrestled. If I could’ve come back and wrestled one last match, I wish I could’ve wrestled Curt. He was my favorite guy to wrestle.” (Bret Hart)


“Obviously, I have a lot of respect for Curt Hennig, and I say ‘obviously’ because I just assumed that anybody would know that ‘Mr. Perfect’ Curt Hennig was a legend, and someone of that stature is someone that everybody looks up to.” (Rob Van Dam)


“If there was a dream match I could do, it would definitely be in a match against Curt Hennig. I think, growing watching him, I have hours and hours and hours of footage of ‘Mr. Perfect’ Curt Hennig and just studied his stuff for years.” (Bobby Roode)


“There’s a lot of things I wouldn’t have today if it wasn’t for Curt Hennig. And he taught so many people.” (Sean Waltman)