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Dana Hill’s Death – Cause and Date

The movie actress Dana Hill died at the age of 32. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Well known for her raspy voice to complement her childlike looks, she portrayed Audrey Griswald in National Lampoon’s European Vacation. Other notable roles of hers were in Shoot the Moon and Cross Creek.

She was born to Sandy Hill and commercial director Ted Goetz in Los Angeles. She died of a stroke after complications with Type I Diabetes.



“I like school very much, and I’ll go to college if my career slows down. But kids go to college to be where I am today. Not to put college down, but for me, it would be digressing.” (Dana Hill)


“I know all the critics.” (Dana Hill)


“I’m a normal teen-ager except for my size.” (Dana Hill)


“If one thing that bothers me about acting, it’s that there’s no clear-cut number one. The closest you can get is winning an Academy Award, and I’m going to work on that if it takes me the next 50 years. To my peers, it will mean that I’m the best!” (Dana Hill)


“I’m a lot luckier than most people, although I used to look at it the other way around-that so many people seemed luckier than me.” (Dana Hill)