David Tudor’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

January 20, 1926

Death Date

August 13, 1996

Age of Death

70 years

Cause of Death


Place of Death

Tomkins Cove, New York, United States



The pianist David Tudor died at the age of 70. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Pioneer of experimental music who became a leader in avant-garde piano music and laid the foundation for some of the 20th century’s most radical music.

He was among the first to perform works by Pierre Boulez, Morton Feldman, Earle Brown, and La Monte Young.

He founded India’s first electronic music studio in 1969. It was located in Ahmedabad’s National Institute of Design.

He was incredibly private and secretive, rarely speaking of his family. When this was mentioned to his older sister Joy Nemiroff by one of his acquaintances, she said, “Remember, I grew up with him,” with great amusement.

He premiered John Cage’s 4’33” as well as many other Cage originals.



Performing is very much like cooking: putting it all together, raising the temperature.

David Tudor

I am perfectly willing for my music to exist with somebody else’s taste.

David Tudor

The basic notion was the idea that the loudspeaker should have a voice which was unique and not just an instrument of reproduction, but an instrument unto itself.

David Tudor

I’ve always felt that there’s a point where a piece seems to be alive, that is, living. And that’s the point where I know the composition is finished.

David Tudor

I persist in performing.

David Tudor