Dick York’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

Sep 4, 1928

Death Date

February 20, 1992

Age of Death

63 years


TV Actor

The tv actor Dick York died at the age of 63. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Veteran television actor who earned a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for his role as Darrin Stephens in the series, Bewitched.

He married Joan Alt in 1951 and the couple had five children.



“I kept having chills. This was in the middle of the summer and I was wearing a sheepskin jacket and I was chilling. I was shaking all over.” (Dick York)


“Anyone who would let Gary Cooper and the entire cast go charging on horseback without first finding out what kind of footing the horses had is nuts and cannot possibly direct a motion picture.” (Dick York)


“I was seeing everything through pain. I would roll out of bed and do my exercises. I had to do that to work out the remainder of the pain pills. I would drink coffee and go to the set and plunge myself so far into my work.” (Dick York)


“You’d go in, read the script once for timing and then you would sit around and play games. The sound effects people would come in and we would do a dress rehearsal so they could get the effects and the music cues in place. Then you would wait until you went on the air.” (Dick York)


“There was a three hour differential in performances because the sponsor insisted it be done live for California. You would go on at 8 pm in New York but you would also have to go on at 8 p.m. in California. That meant coming back in to do the show at 11 p.m.” (Dick York)