Elizabeth Barrett Browning cause of death

Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Death

Born (Birthday) March 6, 1806

Death Date June 29, 1861

Age of Death 55 years

Cause of Death Respiratory Insufficiency

Profession Poet

The poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning died at the age of 55. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

English author who wrote famous love poems to her literary husband, Robert Browning. She was one of the most prominent poets of the Victorian era.

When she was eight years old, she read Alexander Pope’s translation of Homer and became deeply interested in Greek and Roman mythology and history. At the young age of ten, she penned her own Homeric-style epic poem, The Battle of Marathon: A Poem.

Her poem, How Do I Love Thee, is considered a masterpiece of romantic poetry.

Personal Life

She was the oldest of twelve children born to wealthy landowner Edward Barrett Moulton-Barrett and Mary Graham Clarke. After having corresponded with him by mail for a long period of time, Elizabeth Barrett met Robert Browning in 1845. She gave birth to her son, Pen Browning, at the age of forty-three.

She was a contemporary of such renowned poets as Alfred Tennyson and William Wordsworth.

How did Elizabeth Barrett Browning die?

Barrett Browning died in 1861, long before physicians would have any idea of HKPP. Today, oral or intravenous potassium can prevent or stop an attack, but there is no cure for the disorder, which may be genetic, either inherited or caused by a sporadic mutation.