Fay Wray’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

Sep 15, 1907

Death Date

August 8, 2004

Age of Death

96 years

Cause of Death

Natural Causes


Movie Actress

The movie actress Fay Wray died at the age of 96. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Early movie actress who gave an iconic performance within the clutches of King Kong in the 1933 monster film. She received the Women in Film Crystal Award in 1989.

She married three times; her final marriage was to Dr. Sanford Rothenberg in 1971.



“When it was over my daughter said, ‘Oh, I felt so sorry for him – he didn’t want to hurt you, he liked you.’ That was Victoria. When you visualize him up there on top of the Empire State Building, you do feel sorry for him.” (Fay Wray)


“It was so satisfying for me – a great reward, just to see it done well. And it was beautifully directed by my daughter Susan Riskin. Imagine, a play about my mother directed by my daughter?!” (Fay Wray)


“The producers who wanted me to do it liked me and trusted me, and more than one scene was only one take, because I’d plan ahead what I thought would be appropriate for that scene-so one take was enough.” (Fay Wray)


“There is a lot of strength and intelligence in Hollywood.” (Fay Wray)


“My next book is Scene by Scene: as Seen by Fay Wray. It’ll be about different incidents. Just my feelings about quite a few people. Attitudes. My thoughts about the universe and simple things like that.” (Fay Wray)