Frances Ford Seymour

Frances Ford Seymour's Death

Born (Birthday) April 14, 1908

Death Date April 14, 1950

Age of Death 42 years

Cause of Death Suicide

Place of Death The Craig House Institute, Beacon, New York, United States

Profession Family Member

The family member Frances Ford Seymour died at the age of 42. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Prominent Canadian figure that gained fame as the wife of actor Henry Fonda.

She married American millionaire Lawyer George Tuttle Brokaw in 1931.

She committed suicide on her 42nd birthday.

Personal Life

She had two children: Jane and Peter Fonda.

She is the mother of well-known actress Jane Fonda .

How did Frances Ford Seymour die?

Seymour died by suicide while she was a patient at the Craig house in Beacon, New York. Her suicide came three and a half months after Fonda asked her for a divorce. She is buried in Ogdensburg Cemetery, Ogdensburg, New York.