Frederick Fleet cause of death

Frederick Fleet’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday) October 15, 1887

Death Date January 10, 1965

Age of Death 77 years

Cause of Death Suicide

Profession Titanic Survivor

The titanic survivor Frederick Fleet died at the age of 77. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Sailor known for being the watchman on the HMS Titanic. He spotted the iceberg that the ship would hit and famously uttered the line “Iceberg, right ahead!” He survived the sinking of the ship.

He first worked as a deck boy moving up to an able seaman. He had previously served as a lookout for the RMS Oceanic for four years.

He testified at inquiries by the British and American governments about the accident and said that if he had been issued binoculars that the tragedy could have been avoided. He served in World War I and II as a lookout on merchant ships.

Personal Life

He was born in Liverpool, England. He didn’t know his father and his mother abandoned him to live with her boyfriend in the United States. He was married to Eva Ernestine Le Gros who died in December 1964. Following his wife’s death, his brother-in-law evicted him from his house and he subsequently ended his life by hanging.

Harold Lowe was another Titanic survivor who testified at the US Senate hearings.

How did Frederick Fleet die?

Shortly after Christmas, on 28 December 1964, Fleet’s wife died, and her brother evicted him from the house. Consequently, Fleet fell into a downward spiral of depression. He returned to his brother-in-law’s home and hanged himself in the house’s garden on 10 January 1965.