Gene Roddenberry’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

Aug 19, 1921

Death Date

October 24, 1991

Age of Death

70 years

Cause of Death

Cardiac Arrest



The novelist Gene Roddenberry died at the age of 70. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Legendary creator of the original Star Trek series, which spawned over ten films. The popular show also led to the creation of several spin-off series, including Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager.

He married Elieen Anita Rexroat in 1942, and the couple went on to have two daughters– Darlene and Dawn– prior to their 1969 divorce. That same year, Roddenberry married his second wife (and former mistress), Majel Barrett. He and Barrett welcomed a son, Eugene Wesley, Jr., several months later.



“No, ancient astronauts did not build the pyramids – human beings built them, because they’re clever and they work hard.” (Gene Roddenberry)


“‘Star Trek’ was an attempt to say humanity will reach maturity and wisdom on the day that it begins not just to tolerate but take a special delight in differences in ideas and differences in lifeforms.” (Gene Roddenberry)


“It is important to the typical ‘Star Trek’ fan that there is a tomorrow. They pretty much share the ‘Star Trek’ philosophies about life: the fact that it is wrong to interfere in the evolvement of other peoples, that to be different is not necessarily to be wrong or ugly.” (Gene Roddenberry)


“When they put out the sales brochure when we eventually went to series, they carefully rounded Spock’s ears and made him look human so he wouldn’t scare off potential advertisers.” (Gene Roddenberry)


“Earth is the nest, the cradle, and we’ll move out of it.” (Gene Roddenberry)