Harry James' Death

Born (Birthday) March 15, 1916

Death Date July 5, 1983

Age of Death 67 years

Cause of Death Lymphoma

Profession Trumpet Player

The trumpet player Harry James died at the age of 67. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Jazz trumpeter and bandleader who was married to Betty Grable.

He married Louise Tobin on May 4, 1935 and, after their divorce on July 3, 1943, he married Betty Grable on July 5, 1943.



“Gene Krupa was my big hero, and I used to play on my mother’s flour cans and sugar cans with the kitchen knives, listening to the big bands on my dad’s records. Gene Krupa and Harry James.” (Dick Dale)

Harry James Death Cause and Date

“My uncle gave me a trumpet, but I loved the Louis Armstrong sound and the Harry James sound and I played by ear and I played always soulful or very direct from the gut.” (Dick Dale)

Harry James Death Cause and Date

“The first memory I have was my sisters dancing to the radio when they played records by Benny Goodman and Harry James and of the sort. But the record that got me was a record by Derek Sampson, who was a young guy, called ‘Boogie Express,’ and it was boogie-woogie. Really, it was on fire, and that got me.” (Jerry Leiber)

Harry James Death Cause and Date