Howard Finster’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

Dec 2, 1916

Death Date

Oct 22, 2001

Age of Death

84 years

Cause of Death


Place of Death

Oct 22, 2001



The sculptor Howard Finster died at the age of 84. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Remembered best for establishing a sculpture and folk art-based Georgia museum venue called Paradise Gardens, Finster also designed album covers for the bands Talking Heads and R.E.M.

He and his twelve siblings grew up on a farm in Valley Head, Alabama.



Every time that we’ve ever fought, we fought to keep from bein’ destroyed. We’ve never started a war.


When I’m building my dome in my chapel, and I had a vision – I’ve worked on perpetual motion and I haven’t never give it up yet. I still think it could be done, perpetual motion. I had a vision of a un resist able windmill.


I had a call to the University of Miami where I’d run a revival in 1950.


I came here as a man of visions. I was sent here as a man of visions, like a second Noah. I’m not a Noah but I’m here as a second Noah. I’m here as a red light is in the street.


When I’m makin’ lectures to these universities, I tell ’em I like that little building because when I run short a audience, if I can get three people in there I’ve got a good crowd.