Joseph Fourier’s Death – Cause and Date

Joseph Fourier cause of death

Born (Birthday) March 21, 1768

Death Date May 16, 1830

Age of Death 62 years

Cause of Death N/A

Profession Mathematician

The mathematician Joseph Fourier died at the age of 62. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

French mathematician and physicist who started the investigation of Fourier series and their applications to problems of heat transfer and vibrations. He also discovered the greenhouse effect.

He served on the local Revolutionary Committee during the French Revolution and was imprisoned briefly during the Reign of Terror.

He was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1830.

Personal Life

His father was a tailor who worked in Auxerre. He had three children with his first wife.

He went with Napoleon Bonaparte on his Egyptian expedition in 1798, and was made governor of Lower Egypt.

How did Joseph Fourier die?

Fourier continued to publish papers on mathematics until his death in 1830, when he tripped and fell down the stairs at home. His tomb is in the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, decorated with an Egyptian motif in honor of his position as secretary of the Cairo Institute.