Konrad Zuse

Konrad Zuse's Death

Born (Birthday) June 22, 1910

Death Date December 18, 1995

Age of Death 85 years

Cause of Death Heart Attack

Place of Death Hünfeld, Germany

Place of Burial Neuer Friedhof Hünfeld, Hünfeld, Germany

Profession Engineer

The engineer Konrad Zuse died at the age of 85. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

German civil engineer and computer scientist who built the world’s first programmable computer, the Z4, in 1941. His work went unnoticed in the UK and US due to WWII but IBM optioned his patents after the war in 1946.

He intended to study engineering and architecture in college, but he found that the subjects were too boring for him.

In addition to building computer hardware, he came up with the foundations of programming language.

How did Konrad Zuse die?

Zuse died on 18 December 1995 in Hünfeld, Hesse (near Fulda) from heart failure.



"It is not true that virtually all news in a totalitarian state is false."

Konrad ZuseKonrad Zuse

"You could say I was too lazy to calculate, so I invented the computer."

Konrad ZuseKonrad Zuse

"I have always had a predominantly visual approach to my environment."

Konrad ZuseKonrad Zuse