• Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong's Death

Born (Birthday) August 4, 1901

Death Date July 6, 1971

Age of Death 69 years

Cause of Death Heart Attack

Place of Death Corona, New York, NY, United States

Profession Trumpet Player

The trumpet player Louis Armstrong died at the age of 69. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Father of Jazz who replaced The Beatles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with “Hello, Dolly!” when he was 63 years old; he was the oldest person at that time to hit the #1 ranking.

He married Daisy Parker on March 19, 1918 and, after their divorce, he married Lil Armstrong on February 4, 1924. He married Alpha Smith on October 11, 1938, and finally married Lucille Wilson on October 12, 1942.

What caused Louis Armstrong’s death?

Armstrong died of a heart attack in his sleep, a month before his 70th birthday on July 6, 1971. He was living in Corona, Queens, New York City when it happened.

He previously got a heart attack on March 1971, a the end of playing at the Waldorf-Astoria’s Empire Room at a two-week engagement, even though his doctor had advised him not to perform.

As a result of his heart attack, Armstrong underwent hospitalization. He left the hospital in May. Almost immediately, Armstrong resumed practicing his trumpet playing, hoping to make it back. Unfortunately, he was struck by another heart attack that proved fatal on July 6, 1971.

Where is Louis Armstrong buried?

The final resting place of Armstrong is in Flushing Cemetery, Flushing, in Queens, New York City.



“Music is life itself. What would this world be without good music? No matter what kind it is.” (Louis Armstrong)

Louis Armstrong Death Cause and Date

“I never want to be anything more than I am; what I don’t have, I don’t need.” (Louis Armstrong)

Louis Armstrong Death Cause and Date

“Very few of the men whose names have become great in the early pioneering of jazz and of swing were trained in music at all. They were born musicians: they felt their music and played by ear and memory. That was the way it was with the great Dixieland Five.” (Louis Armstrong)

Louis Armstrong Death Cause and Date

“Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them.” (Louis Armstrong)

Louis Armstrong Death Cause and Date

“We all do ‘do, re, mi,’ but you have got to find the other notes yourself.” (Louis Armstrong)

Louis Armstrong Death Cause and Date