Luis Walter Alvarez’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

Jun 13, 1911

Death Date

Sep 1, 1988

Age of Death

77 years

Cause of Death

Esophageal Cancer

Place of Death

Sep 1, 1988



The physicist Luis Walter died at the age of 77. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Revered physicist who received the 1968 Nobel Prize in Physics for his hand in designing a liquid hydrogen bubble chamber. He was also involved in high-profile projects like the Manhattan Project and the x-raying of the Egyptian pyramids.

His son is respected geologist Walter Alvarez.



“I don’t like to say bad things about paleontologists, but they’re not very good scientists. They’re more like stamp collectors.” (Luis Walter Alvarez)


“Most of us who become experimental physicists do so for two reasons; we love the tools of physics because to us they have intrinsic beauty, and we dream of finding new secrets of nature as important and as exciting as those uncovered by our scientific heroes.” (Luis Walter Alvarez)


“When I received my B. S. degree in 1932, only two of the fundamental particles of physics were known.” (Luis Walter Alvarez)


“One indicator of Ernest Lawrence’s influence is the fact that I am the eighth member of his laboratory staff to receive the highest award that can come to a scientist – the Nobel Prize.” (Luis Walter Alvarez)


“Janet Landis came to work in my group in the summer of 1957 when our first bubble-chamber was churning out its earliest pictures.” (Luis Walter Alvarez)