Michael Cimino’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)


Death Date

July 2, 2016

Age of Death

77 years

Cause of Death

Heart Failure



The director Michael Cimino died at the age of 77 . Below is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

American film director responsible for one of the best dramatic works of the 1970s, The Deer Hunter.

His father was a music publisher and his mother was a costume designer.



“All of those years, I felt like ‘Heaven’s Gate’ was a beautiful, fantastically colored balloon tied to a string fastened to my wrist, so the balloon could never fly.” (Michael Cimino)


“I cut ‘Deer Hunter’ myself.” (Michael Cimino)


“There’s nothing but brutality and bravery or cowardice that comes out of war. That’s pretty much it.” (Michael Cimino)


“I was a child prodigy. Like Michelangelo, who could draw a perfect circle at age five. I was extremely gifted. I could paint a perfect portrait of someone at age five.” (Michael Cimino)


“Even the details of a rifle, which are nothing but mechanical, if they are made carefully, with attention, become beautiful, satisfying.” (Michael Cimino)