RD Laing cause of death

RD Laing's Death

Born (Birthday) October 7, 1927

Death Date August 23, 1989

Age of Death 61 years

Cause of Death N/A

Profession Psychologist

The psychologist RD Laing died at the age of 61. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Psychologist and member of the New Left whose revolutionary 1960 book The Divided Self examined mental illness. He was regarded as part of the Anti-psychiatrist movement because of his controversial views on the causes and treatment of serious mental dysfunction, which were greatly influenced by existential philosophy.

Although he was an associate of the Royal College of Music, he chose to study medicine instead at the University of Glasgow.

He started a psychiatric community project at Kingsley Hall, where he had patients and therapists co-habitate together.

Personal Life

His parents were named Amelia and David and he had ten children from four different woman.

Similar to Carl Jung, he was an influential psychiatrist.

How did RD Laing die?

Born Ronald David Laing, 7 October 1927 in Glasgow. Studied medicine at Glasgow University. Fathered 10 children by four women. Died of a heart attack on 23 August 1989 while playing tennis in St Tropez, France.