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Richard Buckley's Death

Born (Birthday) August 20, 1948

Death Date September 19, 2021

Age of Death 73 years

Cause of Death Cancer

Profession Family Member

The family member Richard Buckley died at the age of 73. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Fashion journalist known as the husband of fashion designer Tom Ford. In September 2021, he died at his home in Los Angeles after a long illness.

In 2012, he and Tom Ford welcomed a son born via gestational surrogacy. He and Ford married in 2014.

How did Richard Buckley die?

There’s a photograph in Tom Ford’s house in Beverly Hills, a Polaroid of him with his husband, Richard Buckley, who died last weekend at 72 after more than 30 years of health issues resulting from cancer.