Richard Griffiths’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

Jul 31, 1947

Death Date

March 29, 2013

Age of Death

65 years


Movie Actor

The movie actor Richard Griffiths died at the age of 65 . Below is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

British actor best known for his role as Vernon Dursley, Harry’s mean-spirited uncle, in the Harry Potter film franchise. He also starred as Barry Nottingham in Disney’s Bedtime Stories.

He was survived by his wife Heather Gibson. 



“I’ve had a year out of work, more, and just toughed it out. There are those who think that all actors are overpaid. I beg to differ.” (Richard Griffiths)


“It’s been the most astonishing year because I’ve been having a marvelous adventure, and yet I kind of sympathize with people who have to live in exile, because I’ve so missed England.” (Richard Griffiths)


“Every time I’ve talked about my family in the past, people have ended up getting upset. So I said to my friends and family: ‘I shan’t refer to you at all, and there’s nothing for you to get upset about. There’s the deal.'” (Richard Griffiths)


“Some bloke came up to me in Tesco a couple of years ago at 11:30 pm and said: ‘Excuse me, would you mind telling my son here that you’re Uncle Vernon?’ I said: ‘Get a grip. It’s 11:30 at night – what’s he doing out of bed? I’m not here to entertain people at this time of night.” (Richard Griffiths)


“If I had my way, all actors over 55 would be issued a 3-lb. wet salmon with which to slap the face of every young, beautiful, successful upstart.” (Richard Griffiths)