Robert Falcon Scott cause of death

Robert Falcon Scott’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday) June 6, 1868

Death Date March 29, 1912

Age of Death 43 years

Cause of Death Hypothermia

Profession Explorer

The explorer Robert Falcon Scott died at the age of 43. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

English explorer who led two expeditions to Antarctica. On his second trip, the Terra Nova Expedition, he and his fellow explorers perished soon after visiting the South Pole.

He began his naval career at age thirteen after passing entrance examinations for the Royal Navy.

His successful Antarctic voyage, the Discovery Expedition, occurred during the first five years of the twentieth century.

Personal Life

His marriage to artist Kathleen Bruce produced a son, Peter Markham Scott, who became both a painter and an ornithologist.

He attempted to be the first person to reach the South Pole, but Roald Amundsen reached the location first.

How did Robert Falcon Scott die?

During this second venture, Scott led a party of five which reached the South Pole on 17 January 1912, only to find that Roald Amundsen’s Norwegian expedition had got there first. On the return journey, Scott and his four comrades died from exhaustion, starvation and extreme cold.