Robert Fergusson cause of death

Robert Fergusson's Death

Born (Birthday) September 5, 1750

Death Date October 16, 1774

Age of Death 24 years

Cause of Death Traumatic Brain Injury

Profession Poet

The poet Robert Fergusson died at the age of 24. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Scots-language and English-language poet of the Scottish Enlightenment era. His poems include “Leith Races” and “The Farmer’s Ingle.”

He studied at the University of St. Andrews and led a bohemian existence in Edinburgh.

He was committed to an Edinburgh asylum after sustaining a head injury. Tragically, he died there just weeks after his twenty-fourth birthday.

Personal Life

He was one of three surviving children born to Elizabeth Forbes and copyist William Fergusson.

His work inspired the literary career of poet Robert Burns.

How did Robert Fergusson die?

Around the backend of the year 1774, after sustaining a head injury in circumstances that are obscure (he fell heavily down a flight of stairs in Edinburgh, according to his epitaph), Fergusson was submitted against his will into Edinburgh’s Darien House “hospital” (close to today’s eponymous Bedlam Theatre), where he died.