Robert Gould Shaw cause of death

Robert Gould Shaw’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday) October 10, 1837

Death Date July 18, 1863

Age of Death 25 years

Cause of Death Gunshot

Biography - A Short Wiki

Union soldier who commanded the all-black 54th Massachusetts regiment during the American Civil War. He was killed in battle in 1863, but has been posthumously honored and memorialized for his solidarity with the black soldiers he commanded even though he was white.

From a well-to-do family of abolitionists, he enrolled in the Union Army on April 19, 1861 and was made a second lieutenant five weeks later.

He also became known for the letters he wrote during the war, more than 200 total, some of which detailed war crimes committed in Darien, Georgia. The collection is held at Harvard University.

Personal Life

He was born to Francis and Sarah Shaw. He married Anna Haggerty in May 1863, less than three months before he died.

The story of 54th regiment was the subject of the 1989 film Glory, which starred Matthew Broderick.

How did Robert Gould Shaw die?

Facing unsurmountable odds, Shaw led approximately 650 of his men into the attack on Ft. Wagner on July 18, 1863. In the fierce battle, Shaw soon fell dead after being struck by enemy fire on the parapet of the fort.