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Robert Morris' Death

Born (Birthday) February 9, 1931

Death Date November 28, 2019

Age of Death 88 years

Cause of Death Asthma

Profession Sculptor

The sculptor Robert Morris died at the age of 88. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Minimalist sculptor and conceptual artist who created works of performance and installation art. Known for the body-art poster of himself from 1974 and “Untitled” from 1967 and 1986.

He was born in Missouri and was educated in Kansas, Oregon, and New York. He had a daughter named Laura with his wife Lucile Michels.



Well, I don’t know any piece by heart, but Mozart goes something like this… What do you think?


I do remember, though, when I discovered the third! I was about five years old – it was a very pleasing sound. I remembered that if I hit one note, then skipped one and played the next, I could get this really good sound.


I never presumed that a technique of composition or an idea was so special that just using it would guarantee the quality of the music.


So many of the sounds that contemporary composers were trying to create were to be found in the traditional musics of the world. That was encouraging but also little daunting to think that you had to work so hard to be new and yet it was old.