Ronnie James Dio’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

Jul 10, 1942

Death Date

May 16, 2010

Age of Death

67 years

Cause of Death

Stomach Cancer


Rock Singer

The rock singer Ronnie James died at the age of 67. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Singer/songwriter well-known for his work with hard rock and metal bands Black Sabbath and Rainbow. He also fronted his own eponymous band, Dio.

He was married twice, to Loretta Berardi and Wendy Dio. He had one son, Dan Padavona.



“I always wanted to be a basketball player.” (Ronnie James Dio)


“The best subjects are always people, who never fail to amaze me by their unpredictability.” (Ronnie James Dio)


“In my mind, we live in Heaven, and we live in Hell.” (Ronnie James Dio)


“Music, Rock and Roll music especially, is such a generational thing. Each generation must have their own music, I had my own in my generation, you have yours, everyone I know has their own generation.” (Ronnie James Dio)


“My childhood was safe and sane. No abuse and no traumas. I was surrounded by a large and loving family who taught me the importance of hard work and a meaningful education.” (Ronnie James Dio)