Sam Shepard’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

Nov 5, 1943

Death Date

Jul 27, 2017

Age of Death

73 years

Place of Death

Jul 27, 2017



The playwright Sam Shepard died at the age of 73. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and actor who portrayed pilot Chuck Yeager in The Right Stuff. 

He had one son during his fifteen year marriage to O-Lan Jones. He later had two kids with actress Jessica Lange.



I don’t get offered leading parts. I suppose I’ve become a kind of character actor or sideman. I think it had to do with probably in the ’90s, I refused so many leading roles that they gave up on me, or I just became unpopular, or I became old. All those reasons.


Sometimes in someone’s gestures you can notice how a parent is somehow inhabiting that person without there being any awareness of that. Sometimes you can look at your hand and see your father.


My old man tried to force on me a notion of what it was to be a ‘man.’ And it destroyed my dad.


After the falling out with my father, I worked on a couple of ranches – thoroughbred layup farms, actually – out toward Chino, California. That was fine for a little while, but I wanted to get out completely, and twenty miles away wasn’t far enough.


There are places where writing is acting and acting is writing. I’m not so interested in the divisions. I’m interested in the way things cross over.