Shirley Temple’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

Apr 23, 1928

Death Date

February 10, 2014

Age of Death

85 years


Movie Actress

The movie actress Shirley Temple died at the age of 85 . Below is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Child star of Curly Top and Heidi who received a Juvenile Academy Award in 1935 and who became a U.S. Ambassador in 1974. Some of her best-known films were Glad Rags to Riches, Bright Eyes, Fort Apache, and A Little Princess. 

She married John Agar in 1945, and the couple divorced in 1950. She married Charles Alden Black in 1950, and had two children with him named Charles Jr. and Lori.



“Good luck needs no explanation.” (Shirley Temple)


“Any star can be devoured by human adoration, sparkle by sparkle.” (Shirley Temple)


“I was in Vienna in August 1968 for a meeting of the International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies, of which I was co-founder, and we wanted a 20th country to join. They asked for a volunteer to go to Prague to get Czechoslovakia to do it, and my hand always goes up first.” (Shirley Temple)


“Make-believe colors the past with innocent distortion, and it swirls ahead of us in a thousand ways in science, in politics, in every bold intention.” (Shirley Temple)


“When you’re a performer, you have to please a large audience. And when you’re in politics, you have to please a large audience, too.” (Shirley Temple)