Steve Lacy’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

Jul 23, 1934

Death Date

June 4, 2004

Age of Death

69 years

Cause of Death

Liver Cancer



The saxophonist Steve Lacy died at the age of 69. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Late Dixieland jazz artist who was one of the most influential saxophonists throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

He was married to singer and violinist Irene Aebi.



“The more original something is, the more of a threat it seems until the people catch up with it. That happened with Thelonious Monk. It happened with anybody who is really original.” (Steve Lacy)


“You can work on the saxophone alone, but ultimately you must perform with others.” (Steve Lacy)


“I still love the whole history of jazz. The old things sound better than ever.” (Steve Lacy)


“I think it is in collaboration that the nature of art is revealed.” (Steve Lacy)


“To me, there is spirit in a reed. It’s a living thing, a weed, really, and it does contain spirit of a sort. It’s really an ancient vibration.” (Steve Lacy)