Stompin' Tom Connors cause of death

Stompin' Tom Connors' Death

Born (Birthday) February 9, 1936

Death Date March 6, 2013

Age of Death 77 years

Cause of Death Kidney Failure

Profession Folk Singer

The folk singer Stompin’ Tom Connors died at the age of 77. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Canadian folk singer-songwriter who has recorded over forty albums and released the songs “Bud the Spud” and “The Hockey Song.”

He spent thirteen years hitchhiking across Canada; during that time, he made money by working various part-time jobs.

He earned the nickname “Stompin’ Tom” by always stomping his left foot to keep rhythm while playing.

Personal Life

His mother was an inmate at a women’s penitentiary where Tom lived with her for a short time as a child.

He was paid tribute in the song “Long in the Tooth” by The Les Claypool Frog Brigade.

How did Stompin' Tom Connors die?

Connors passed away Wednesday from what a spokesman described as “natural causes.” Brian Edwards said the musician, rarely seen without his signature black cowboy hat and stomping cowboy boots, knew his health was declining and had penned a message for his fans a few days before his death.



"On every album I've put out, I've put diverse Canadian songs on it. They're not provincial album; my albums are national albums. There'll be a song about Saskatchewan and Vancouver and Nova Scotia on there."

Stompin' Tom Connors cause of deathStompin' Tom Connors

"My retirement, back in 1976, began as a one-year boycott to challenge the media on that question. I refused to return until the media, and radio stations in particular, got a hold on identifiably Canadian songs."

Stompin' Tom Connors cause of deathStompin' Tom Connors