Suharto's Death

Born (Birthday) 19210608

Death Date January 27, 2008

Age of Death 86 years

Cause of Death Sepsis

Profession World Leader

The world leader Suharto World died at the age of 86. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

For three decades, this Golkar Party politician served as President of Indonesia. Earlier in his life, he was the Indonesian Army’s Chief of Staff and the Secretary General of Indonesia’s Non-Aligned Movement.

The child of Javanese peasant parents, he grew up in a largely unstable environment, though he found some semblance of a family life while in the care of his brother-in-law and older sister. In his mid-twenties, he married Siti Hartinah; the couple raised seven children.



“I first went to Indonesia in 2001 for six months. I was to help a community of plantation workers to make a film documenting and dramatizing the struggle to organize a union in the aftermath of the Suharto dictatorship.” (Joshua Oppenheimer)

Suharto Death Cause and Date

“Countries that need monies so that they can provide health care and education and shelter to their people shouldn’t have to repay debts that we knowingly lent to bad regimes long since gone; and all illegitimate debts – debts lent to these terrible dictators like Saddam Hussein, like Suharto, like Marcos – must also be canceled.” (Noreena Hertz)

Suharto Death Cause and Date