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Thom Gunn's Death

Born (Birthday) August 29, 1929

Death Date April 25, 2004

Age of Death 74 years

Cause of Death N/A

Profession Poet

The poet Thom Gunn died at the age of 74. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

British-American poet who is best known for a 1992 AIDS-themed work entitled The Man with Night Sweats.

He moved to the United States in 1954 to be near Mike Kitay, his longtime partner.

17, 2004, lists “acute polysubstance abuse” as the cause of death. … They knew he was dead. He’d been dead for quite a while. Bob said, ‘This is Thom Gunn, the poet.



When I was an undergraduate I had very badly annotated editions of Shakespeare’s sonnets, all of which left out the important fact that will has a sexual sense in Shakespeare’s sonnets.


We learned in the university to consider Wordsworth and Keats as Romantics. They were only a generation apart, but Wordsworth didn’t even read Keats’s book when he gave him a copy.


I don’t know how to sit outside myself and test against a hypothetical self who stayed home.


My old teacher’s definition of poetry is an attempt to understand.


When I first started to write, I was aware of being queer, but I didn’t write about it. Queer poems would probably not have been accepted by the editors I sent them to.