Angelo Bruno’s Gruesome Death

The quiet streets of Philadelphia were shocked on a fateful night in 1980 when mobster Angelo Bruno was brutally assassinated, marking the end of his infamous reign.

Biography of Angelo Bruno

Angelo Bruno, born Angelo Annaloro on May 21, 1910, in Italy, was a notorious Sicilian-American mobster. Known primarily for his involvement in organized crime, he was a key figure in the Philadelphia crime family. Bruno, often referred to as the “Gentle Don” due to his preference for bribery over violence, rose to prominence while maintaining a low media profile despite his extensive criminal record.

Bruno’s criminal career began early, with his first arrest in 1928 for reckless driving. A few years later he married Sue Maranca in 1931 and they had two children. His ascent in the mob world was notably facilitated by his relationship with Carlo Gambino, a powerful crime boss. Over his decades-long career, Bruno managed to amass significant wealth, although his exact net worth remains undisclosed.


Angelo Bruno’s life came to a violent end on March 21, 1980, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was murdered in front of his home while getting out of his car, a stark contrast to his otherwise low-key approach to criminal activities. Bruno’s murder was the result of an internal power struggle within the Philadelphia crime family, an organization marred by years of turmoil and betrayal.

Bruno’s death marked a significant turning point for the Philadelphia crime family, as it led to an ensuing power vacuum and increased internal strife. His assassination underscored the perilous nature of the mob life, no matter how cautiously one maneuvered within it.


Angelo Bruno was laid to rest in Holy Cross Cemetery in Yeadon, Pennsylvania, a serene burial place that starkly contrasts the violent life and brutal death of the man known as the “Gentle Don”.