Charlie Robison’s Death – Cause and Date

The actor Charlie Robison died at the age of 59. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Country music singer who plays covers of classic rock songs like “Rocket Man” by Elton John and many Rolling Stones songs. His album Step Right Up earned the spot of #27 on the US Country chart.

He was going to be a football player but, after an injury, he moved to Texas where he played in various bands including Chaparral, Millionaire Playboys and Two Hoots and a Holler.

His song “Good Times” was featured in the credits for the third episode of the HBO television series, True Blood.

Personal Life

He has three children with his ex-wife.

He is the ex-husband to singer Emily Robison of the popular country music group, the Dixie Chicks.

How did Charlie Robison die?

Charlie Robison died on September 10, 2023. Q2: What was the cause of his death? He died due to cardiac arrest.