Curtis Mayfield’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

Jun 3, 1942

Death Date

December 26, 1999

Age of Death

57 years

Cause of Death



Funk Singer

The funk singer Curtis Mayfield died at the age of 57. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Funk and soul singer who composed the Super Fly soundtrack and who worked with The Impressions. He was a guitarist, bassist, pianist, saxophonist, and drummer.

He married Altheida and fathered ten children over his lifetime.



“How many 54-year-old quadriplegics are putting albums out? You just have to deal with what you got, try to sustain yourself as best you can, and look to the things that you can do.” (Curtis Mayfield)


“I used to love to sit and listen to the old people talk about yesterday. There’s a lot of good information there.” (Curtis Mayfield)


“Everything was a song. Every conversation, every personal hurt, every observance of people in stress, happiness and love… if you could feel it, I could feel it. And I could write a song about it.” (Curtis Mayfield)


“My teacher told me I’d never amount to anything. I left high school at 15, after one year. But my real teachers were all the people around me. And I was a good listener.” (Curtis Mayfield)


“Our purpose is to educate as well as to entertain.” (Curtis Mayfield)