George III cause of death

George III’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday) June 4, 1738

Death Date January 29, 1820

Age of Death 81 years

Cause of Death N/A

Profession King

The king George III died at the age of 81. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

King of Great Britain and Ireland during the late 18th century whose life and reign were longer than those of any previous British monarch. Though he defeated France in the Seven Years’ War, he lost Britain’s American colonies in the American Revolutionary War.

Became the first British monarch to study science systematically, and along with chemistry and physics, his lessons included astronomy, mathematics, French, Latin, history, music, geography, commerce, agriculture and constitutional law.

He was the first British monarch from the House of Hanover to speak English as his first language.

Personal Life

His younger brother was Prince Edward, Duke of York and Albany.

Henry VIII served as the King of England two centuries before he became king.

How did George III die?

George III died blind, deaf and mad on January 29, 1820. His illnesses may have been caused by porphyria, an inherited metabolic disorder, though a 2005 analysis of hair samples suggested arsenic poisoning (from medicines and cosmetics) as a possible cause.