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Javier Solís’ Death – Cause and Date

The world music singer Javier Solís died at the age of 34. Here is all you want to know, and more!

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Mexican singer and actor best known for his Bolero-Ranchera songs.

He was married to Blanca Estela Saenz, a dancer who he met in Mexico City.

When did Javier Solis die?

On 19 April 1966, Solís died at the age of 34 in Mexico City

How did Javier Solís die?

Solís died from complications due to gallbladder surgery.

Following surgery, his doctors had refused him water, and his last words concerned his thirst and imminent death: “They will have to shower my grave with lots of water”.

Where is Javier Solís buried?

Javier Solís’ final resting place is in the Panteón Jardín, Mexico City, Mexico. He was also born in Mexico City.



“They will have to shower my grave with lots of water.”

Javier Solís Death Cause and DateJavier Solís