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Jimmy Doolittle’s Death – Cause and Date

The war hero Jimmy Doolittle died at the age of 96. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

American aviator and World War II hero. He became famous as the commander of the “Doolittle Raid,” an April, 1942 air raid over Tokyo, Japan.

He attended the University of California- Berkeley, where he joined the Theta Kappa Nu fraternity.

He was awarded the Medal of Honor for leading the Doolittle Raid against Japan.

How did Jimmy Doolittle die?

James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle died from a stroke at the age of 96 in Pebble Beach, California, on September 27, 1993, and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, near Washington, D.C., next to his wife.



"If we should have to fight, we should be prepared to so so from the neck up instead of from the neck down."

Jimmy DoolittleJimmy Doolittle

"The first lesson is that you can't lose a war if you have command of the air, and you can't win a war if you haven't."

Jimmy DoolittleJimmy Doolittle