John Denver’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)


Death Date

October 12, 1997

Age of Death

53 years


Folk Singer

The folk singer John Denver died at the age of 53. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Folk singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitar player who released “Rocky Mountain High,” “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” and “Annie’s Song.”

He married Annie Martell on June 9, 1967; after their divorce in 1983, he married Cassandra Delaney on August 12, 1988.



“I wasn’t really an alcoholic, but I was losing control. I still go for a beer, but I drink a lot less.” (John Denver)


“I think more about the family now. That’s an interesting progression for me.” (John Denver)


“Things go up and down. If you can survive the down, it will come back.” (John Denver)


“At times I’ve got a really big ego. But I’ll tell you the best thing about me. I’m some guy’s dad; I’m some little gal’s dad. When I die, if they say I was Annie’s husband and Zachary John and Anna Kate’s father, boy, that’s enough for me to be remembered by. That’s more than enough.” (John Denver)


“My purpose in performing is to communicate the joy I experience in living.” (John Denver)