Johnny Cash’s Death – Cause and Date

Born (Birthday)

Feb 26, 1932

Death Date

Sep 12, 2003

Age of Death

71 years

Cause of Death


Place of Death

Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital,   Nashville,  Tennessee,  United States

Place of burial

Hendersonville Memory Gardens & Funeral Home,   Hendersonville,  Tennessee,  United States


Country Singer

The country singer Johnny Cash died at the age of 71. Here is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Known as The Man in Black, Cash became one of the most influential musicians in the twentieth century, inspiring artists in various genres, from country to rock ‘n’ roll.

He married Vivian Liberto on August 7, 1954 and, after their divorce in August 1966, he married June Carter Cash on March 1, 1968.

How did Johnny Cash die?

While being hospitalized in Nashville, Cash died of complications from diabetes around 2:00 am CT on September 12, 2003, aged 71—less than four months after his wife.

Where did Johnny Cash die?

Johnny Cash died at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee, United States.

Where is Johnny Cash buried?

He was buried next to his wife, June Carter Cash, in Hendersonville Memory Gardens near his home in Hendersonville, Tennessee.



“The things that have always been important: to be a good man, to try to live my life the way God would have me, to turn it over to Him that His will might be worked in my life, to do my work without looking back, to give it all I’ve got, and to take pride in my work as an honest performer.” (Johnny Cash)


“Of emotions, of love, of breakup, of love and hate and death and dying, mama, apple pie, and the whole thing. It covers a lot of territory, country music does.” (Johnny Cash)


“That was the big thing when I was growing up, singing on the radio. The extent of my dream was to sing on the radio station in Memphis. Even when I got out of the Air Force in 1954, I came right back to Memphis and started knocking on doors at the radio station.” (Johnny Cash)


“I wear black because I’m comfortable in it. But then in the summertime when it’s hot I’m comfortable in light blue.” (Johnny Cash)


“Sometimes I am two people. Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble. They fight.” (Johnny Cash)