Seymour Cray’s Death – Cause and Date

The entrepreneur Seymour Cray died at the age of 71. Here is all you want to know and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Invented supercomputers that were not only faster than any of the others in existence then, but were faster than many for decades to come.

He founded Control Data Corporation. At Control Data, he used the newly invented small transistors instead of the bulkier vacuum tubes, which made his CDC 1604 line of computers the fastest in the world.

He founded Cray Research Inc. to build his supercomputers, which starting in 1976 were used by governments and institutions to make complex simulations.

Personal Life

He was born in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, inheriting his love of engineering from his father. He had a wife and two children.

His invention could not have been possible without Walter Brattain’s work on the transistor.

How did Seymour Cray die?

Cray was mortally wounded in a rollover accident while merging his Jeep Cherokee onto Interstate 25 near the Air Force Academy in Colorado. Cray died of his injuries on October 5, 1996, two weeks after the accident and one week after his 71st birthday.