• Romina Garcia

Romina Garcia's Death

Born (Birthday) June 9, 1996

Death Date January 7, 2016

Age of Death 19 years

Cause of Death Heroin Overdose

The Romina Garcia died at the age of 19 . Below is all you want to know, and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Previous romantic partner of Lil Durk who went viral for her appearance on Dr. Phil, where she defended domestic abuse, claiming it was a sign of love.

She was from Las Vegas, Nevada.

How did Romina Garcia die?

On the 7 of January 2016, Romina Garcia, also known as Romi Kardashian, was found dead in her hotel room from an overdose of heroin.

According to the news website, The Shade Room, her death coincided with the release of Lil Durk’s new video titled My Beyonce.



I just wanted to say that if your boyfriend or the guy that you’re with puts his hands on you, like he hits you or beats you up or whatever he does, stay with him.

Romina GarciaRomina Garcia

[He] loves you because he’s risking for you to press charges on him, he is risking for you know, you calling the police. He’s gonna do time or he’s gonna have to pay money to get out of jail or whatever the case may be. He’s risking all of that for you.

Romina GarciaRomina Garcia


And you know the other day my boyfriend gave me a black-eye, it was my fault, like, he didn’t mean – I mean he, he – he was going to hit me but like I moved, so he got my eye.

Romina GarciaRomina Garcia